Andrew Gray – Come & Get It

Andrew Gray introducing new release, “Come & Get It”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Andrew Gray is a talented musician who is able to seamlessly play multiple instruments, as well as writing and arranging songs in a very personal way. He has a really exciting ability to come up with powerful and emotional ideas, channeling a wide range of influences. Andrew’s sound is inspired by a wide range of influences, from Nine Inch Nails to Daft Punk and even Frank Ocean, only to name a few.

Andrew’s most recent release is titled “Come & Get It.” This new studio effort showcases the artist’s versatility, as well as his remarkable ability to bring different ideas under one roof. “Come & Get It” combines the smooth vibes of modern R&B with the outstanding, open-ended possibilities of electronic production.

With this release, Andrew managed to showcase his diverse taste for music, as well as his nuanced compositional aesthetics. He is a great example of an artist who refuses to stick to a simple category, breaking the schemes and blurring all the boundaries with his sound.