Allen Kass – Any Day

Allen Kass - Any Day

Allen Kass introducing brand new studio single: Any Day

August 2020 – Allen Kass is an artist and songwriter based in San Francisco, California. Recently, he finished recording a brand new studio single titled Any Day, which is now available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms on the web. The song immediately stands out due to its spontaneous attitude, and it highlights Allen’s spontaneity as a songwriter and performer.

The track begins with a stunning arpeggiate synth textures, and the beat drops in like an A-bomb, exploding with a massively gritty texture. Allen knows how to rap with a lot of attitude, but he also alternates some melodic parts in his flow, especially when it comes to the main hooks. If you like artists such as Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly or Logic, this one is going to be right up your alley. Allen brings a unique style to the table, going for a one-of-a-kind tone that takes no prisoners!

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