Alex Smalls – Say

Alex Smalls presents: Say

September 2022 – Alex Smalls is not a mere entertainer: he wants to make music with a powerful message; hoping to make a positive difference in the life of his listeners.

His most recent single, “Say”, is a fantastic take on classic R&B tones with a modern touch. This song is very classy and understated, yet by no means all buttoned-up.

There is a really colorful energy to this track, which pairs amazingly well with the smooth vibe of Alex’ voice. The drum pattern gives the song a distinctive flavor. It’s not your usual four-on-the-floor beat, and it adds something special to the mix, especially as Alex locks in with the groove perfectly.

The textures underneath the drums have a unique vibe as well, bringing a dreamy, ethereal quality to the song as a whole. The immersive ambiance of the music matches the intensity of the lyrics, giving the audience a truly emotional performance.

Fans of artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Baby Face or Miguel should not miss out on “Say.” The release is now available on Spotify and other digital streaming services.