Alejandro Karo – hom

ArtistRack brings to you ‘hom’ by Alejandro Karo

by Alejandro Karo
Film music and classic piano sensation’s
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Creative for film music, Alejandro Karo, try a new form of expression, a personal message, a personal composition like a score for a life.
“hom” is my new album for solo piano, before I write my last album “MARK” I had the idea to have two different albums, one with piano, strings, synthesizers, and another of solo piano pieces, when I finished “MARK”, I started to write “hom”. This new music for me is just like peace, because I want to this music be like when you are in home, and you feel that peace in your space, your shelter. Alejandro Karo
Alejandro Karo a created score for a few features in short films selected in various festivals.