ALECKZ CEE – Tales of the Woods

Aleckz Cee introducing brand new single, “Tales of the Woods”

“Tales of the Woods:” a song inspired by life in Los Angeles.

“Tales of the Woods” is a truly unique song, which relates to people living in East Los Angeles. It’s all about how time affects the life of a big city, while the woods sort of remain the same, in spite of the season. The single combines this unique narrative concept with a killer sound that looks back at the golden age of hip-hop.

Although this song is deeply related to Los Angeles, there is somewhat of an east cost flavor to this mix. The sample-heavy beat makes me think of artists such as Wu Tang Clan or A Tribe Called Quest, which are also iconic in their own right.

Aleckz Cee combines punchy melodies with upfront vocals and genius lyrics, which connect with the audience, especially if they know a thing or two about what it is like to live in the city of Angels!

Do you miss the days of artists like Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. ? If that’s the case, Aleckz Cee is your new homeboy, because he’s here to bring back the punchy, yet melodic tone of that age, back on track for the modern audience.