Albert Kenneth Carrozza – Promise We Will Soar

Promise We Will Soar by Albert Kenneth Carrozza

Albert Kenneth Carrozza songs explore themes of love, intimacy, health, friendship, integrity, social stability, spiritual conflict as well as personal conflictions, community, coalition and the challenges we face to the ideal. Revelations and now our choices moving forward to preserve and protect as well as to adapt and to change and to the lead.

The music is vocals in melodic language. For example, strums of “My Love for You” have representation in the conformity of lives to higher-calling and shared responsibility, as ‘ebb and flow’ in chords of “Epic Advancement” if like a body of movement galloping on feudal steads forward to initial negotiation as an evolved collaboration to firmament.

“We Will Soar” with electric strumming like a musical composition of wedding bell celebration; it’s mutation: “Promise We Will Soar” exemplifies through its electronic repetition the challenges of sanctimony and tradition in a computerized world balanced by real options of opportunity, transparent examination and rational fix; and commitment to higher purpose, respect unto dignity, communal to responsibilities and the blessed in experience with individual love.