Akash – Sundari

Akash - Sundari


Akash is back on the scene with a fantastic new release: Sundari

February 2021 – Akash is an artist and songwriter with a focus on making creative and personal music, which combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop and R&B. His sound is so diverse, and it is special in the way that it seamlessly combines different aesthetics from all the aforementioned genres and beyond. 

His most recent studio release, Sundari, is a perfect example of the melody-energy dualism that fuels Akash’s music. The song is immediately captivating due to the mesmerizing quality of the production. The release is immersive and on point, giving the listeners a key to unlock the doorway to Akash’s musical world. You can peer deep into the artist’s heart and mind, and connect with his musical vision on a more personal level.

Sundari is a fantastic example of what Akash can accomplish, and it is highly recommended to any fan of artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, among others.

Find out more about Akash, and listen to Sundari, which is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms out there.