Akash – Blessed

Akash - Blessed

[MUST LISTEN] Akash is back with a new single: Blessed.

October 2020 – There are many things with the power of making music quite special. However, nothing beats the personality and charisma of a talented performer. This is definitely the case of Akash, an artist based in Alpine, New Jersey. His sound could be described as a very creative combination of hip-hop and R&B, with some Pop element in it as well. What makes this sound stand out is the fact that there is a lot of positivity in his music, which is something that we sorely need in this day and age.

Recently, Akash released a brand new record titled Blessed. The concept of this album is really all about spreading love, positive feelings and good vibes to the whole world. This song is a response to all of the hatred, anxiety and negativity that seems to be happening in our society today. Hopefully, this beautiful track can reach enough people to inspire change!

This release comes highly recommended if you are a fan of upbeat, energetic rap music with a melodic twist.

Find out more about Akash, and look for Blessed on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other digital music streaming services on the web.