Aim The Rapper ‘Interview’

Aim The Rapper 'Interview'

Aim The Rapper ‘Interview’  On The Party and Bullshit Show

Aim The Rapper is different from any other artist you have every listen to. Embracing the good and clowning any negative way a person might embrace. He calls it Kingdom Music. He has develop a flow that others can bounce to. Aim the rapper was born in South Side Jamaica, moved to Springfield Gardens when he was 5. Joined a gang called Lost Boys when he was 15.

The summer he joined that gang, he started reading the Bible, eventually he got into an fight, in which he didn’t want to fight. Sense then he became a walking bible he calls it. He moved to Richmond VA when he was 16. Became a club promoter and became Aim The rapper now he making music and chancing his dream.