Ace Gamble – Top of the Morning

Ace Gamble’s newest release, “Top of the Morning”, is out now! 

Ace Gamble is a hip-hop artist and studio producer based in Seattle, Washington. His new single, “Top of the Morning”, is now available to check out on YouTube.

Even though Ace Gamble is an emerging star he is no stranger to the music industry. He has been working in the studio recording independent music for himself and his clients for several years. This rich and extensive experience is obvious in the modern production aesthetic of his releases.

He currently owns and runs the Pyramid Music Group, which is one of the most established and professional studios in the city. The artist already has one album and a mixtape under his belt, which has been very successful in garnering new fans.

However, Ace Gamble is taking 2020 by storm with the brand new release, “Top of the Morning”. The single is smooth and the rap flow is engaging from the start to the finish. Also, the artist shot a professional and captivating music video to showcase his performance style and energy.

Ace Gamble is definitely one artist to keep an eye on as he climbs the ranks in the hip-hop scene.

Listen to “Top of the Morning” now!