Aaron Orbit – Agua Mala


Aaron Orbit – Agua Mala: Aaron Orbit, hailing from the bucolic, bohemian, seaside paradise of Ventura, CA, has already established himself on the music video landscape. With his previous video for “Prove Me Wrong,” he showed his ability to captivate the camera while offering up compelling, cinematic visuals. While “Prove Me Wrong” was by and large a small scale production, his brand new video for “Agua Mala” is a whole other experience in itself with its scope and sweeping grandeur.

Seeing an independent artist like Aaron Orbit singlehandedly accomplish such a stellar result shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Prior to striking out on his own, Aaron toured the country, played thousands of shows, and played the major label game with his previous acts 8STOPS7 and Le Meu Le Purr. For all of the miles under his belt as a part of a band, it wasn’t until a series of sudden, dramatic changes in his personal and professional life that he was able to find the true voice that had been hiding inside
all along.

The new single for ‘Agua Mala,’ which translates to “bad water,” reveals itself to be a highly personal song. The differences in the optimistic, uplifting choruses, and the minor, menacing verses is indicative of the central message of the song: being determined to make change for the better…just not right now.