A.N.T – Blind Sighted

A.N.T - Blind Sighted

Rap artist A.N.T. is back on the scene with a brand new track: Blind Sighted 

May 2020 – They say that Portland, OR, is home to one of the edgiest music scenes in the USA, and every time we come across a local talent, the city’s reputation lives up to the hype.

Rap artist A.N.T. calls Portland home, and he goes for a huge sound, with fast and aggressive verses, as well as hype beats with a unique tone. However, he is also happy to explore different creative directions and ideas, often leading him to experiment with smooth jazz influences and other atmospheric ideas that bring more depth to his sound.

Recently, A.N.T. unleashed a brand new single: “Blind Sighted,” which is now available on the web. This one is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists like Joey Bada$$ as well as Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar, only to mention a few.

The release has a punchy, yet soothing set of textures, creating a beautiful duality. On one hand, A.N.T. is all about showcasing his upfront energy, while on the other, he loves to build dynamics with his songs, and he does so in such a clever way!

You can listen to Blind Sighted here, and also follow the artist for any upcoming releases