3 Dice Ceno – American Evil(NOVELxBOOK1:The Hydrophonix)

3 Dice Ceno - American Evil/NOVELxBOOK1:The Hydrophonix

3 Dice Ceno – American Evil/NOVELxBOOK1:The Hydrophonix:

The Washington D.C born, Miami raised artist was always inspired by people of color how voiced their opinion regardless of what rumors through others hate was to weaken a voice that spoke strongly out to an oppressed crowd relating to a struggle that exists within communities of lesser opportunity ,or an expression of emotion towards a situation.He uses voice to paint a picture so easily said within 16 bars talking on life out my own involvements and feelings towards what was seen and also out my loses.Only to one day rise from the controversy only to become such the controversial artist speaking what needs to be said in terms of subject matters that need to be spoke on instead of the same car,cribs and fast women.Tho he’s no different from any other man dealing with life’s problems with more to gain from my loses from living out baltimore for 2 years 3 months out of 4 years as a former member of Mental Head Bangerz performing shows out the igloo to sold out at sonar, now out to do the same in the dmv. The name 3 dice ceno carries meaning ,dice means (d)dangerously (i) imbalanced © cording to (e) his environment , and ceno was name given to my by a close friend like the many names he go by such as Black Jezuz.