215Hommicide – Defund12

215Hommicide introducing a new single: Defund12, released under his own label 2819LTD

Hip-hop with an old-school flair.

November 2020 – 215Hommicide from the North side of Philly is an artist and songwriter with a focus on releasing music that combines old-school hip-hop with other influences. The artist’s new release is titled “Defund12,” and it features a spot-on collaboration with Tayson, as well as Ron Murrdah. These talented rappers set out to offer something quite special to 215Hommicide’s flow, and the punch of this song is in line with its scathing and edgy socio-political content, as the title of this release might imply. Besides the outspoken lyrical flow, this song is particularly excellent due to the sound of the production. The music is intense, with a deep low-end sound that cuts through the mix effortlessly, giving the song a lot of edge.

This release is highly recommended if you are a fan of performers such as 2Pac, as well as Jay Z, Big L, DMX, and Mos Def, only to mention a few.

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215Hommicide’s new EP: No Fans Allowed, coming Nov. 28th 2020