20ffJai & Blew Kash – Popular Loner

20ffJai & Blew Kash collaborate on new song, “Popular Loner.”

April 2022 – Blew Kash is an artist from Pittsburgh, PA. He recently teamed up with 20ffJai to release a stunning new single titled “Popular Loner.” This release also comes with a matching music video, which provides a perfect visual match to the mood of the song. “Popular Loner” kicks off with a melodic backdrop and a trap-inspired beat that has an open feel to it, allowing the vocals more room to breathe and showcase the articulate flow of the delivery. The song straddles the lines between modern hip-hop and “golden age” sounds, going for a truly distinctive feel. This is definitely recommended to people who enjoy rap music with clever lyrics and unorthodox arrangements. In other words, this song has a very unique spirit, which doesn’t come off as just “another” rap song in the game. It’s clear that 20ffJai and Blew Kash have something special going on, and this collaborative track is a perfect introduction to their talent and their unique way to approach the genre and bring a breath of fresh air to the table.

Find out more about 20ffJai and Blew Kash, and listen to “Popular loner.”