1Law – How I Feel

1Law - How I Feel

1Law releases brand new studio single, ‘How I Feel’

1Law is an American hip-hop/rap artists. His music focuses on topics like religion, everyday life, racial injustice, etc. 1Law grew up in the church and that has always been a very important part of his identity. 1Law is also a severe asthmatic who receives constant treatment, this also is a big part of who he as as a person and artist. His music videos had garnered a great deal of attention due to their creativity and relevance to the times. Against the odds 1Law continues to impress with his versatility and pure dedication to is craft. These are just a few reasons why “1Law” is a name you should get used to hearing.

How I Feel is about 1Law’s everyday life. The song literally is just 1Law venting about things that go on in his life. The song is about how he feels about different topics, for example: racial injustice. Another topic he speaks about in this piece is his on going health struggle and how that makes him feel. Take peek inside 1Law’s mind with his song “How I Feel”