1Law – House Arrest

Official Music Video for the new single, ‘House Arrest’ by 1Law

1Law is an American hip-hop/rap artist. Growing up in a very religious family, 1Law found a distinct way to keep his religion apart of him as he started getting into music. From a young age 1Law had always had a certain way with words. When he was in fourth grade he wrote books and poems regularly. Somewhere along the way these poems would transform into raps with the simple addition of an instrumental track. 1Law found he had a passion for making music. As previously mentioned he grew up in the church, and this has always been a very big part of who he is. Combining his religious beliefs and love for music he began creating music with meaningful messages and he’s been doing so ever since.

House Arrest is about the recent global pandemic and feelings/thoughts that shot through 1Law’s head as he experienced lockdown. The song is all about being cooped up in the house, something 1Law felt people could relate to at this time. Throughout the song he does come to have an epiphany and see that some people have certainly had it worse during this lockdown, at least 1Law had a roof over his head during this time. The song also serves as a PSA to be cautious and wear a mask because the virus is still out there.