ArtistRack Reviews K.O.’s ‘The Wet Album’

ArtistRack Reviews K.O.'s 'The Wet Album'

ArtistRack Reviews K.O.’s ‘The Wet Album’:

K.O. methodically knocks this instrumental out cold with a vicious vernacular of unprecedented magnitude shaking up the realities of the often ignored modern MC decadence. The virtuoso of vocal melodic harmonies were systematically ingrained into this composition to portray a vivid tone in relation to the production. The percussive configurations were another aspect that was interesting to the composition as a whole and held substantial intrigue. Furthermore, it contained swung tempo style beats that struck with a sense of unpredictability riding under the swift rap deliveries. The vocal recordings were lucid as they conveyed a clarity with intricate intonations and swift dialect. The byzantine approach signatures to the rap executions change variably with hard-hitting consistent continuity in the rhyme schemes followed by an ambient aural harmony throughout the chorus sections. Likewise, these were split up in an ingenious fashion that moved within each other in a seamless manner. This single is the epitome for modern hip hop with an infusion of R&B elements that authentic music fans yearn for. Scope “Attention” by K.O. for a humble assertion into the true talent that the independent rap scene has recently been generating across the board.

You can listen to ‘The Wet Album’ by K.O. here:



Born September 23 in Hartford Connecticut K.O. introduces a new take to music with his debut of The Wet Album. He Says the things that were all thinking but most afraid to say. From the moment you press play to his music you know that he is a talented artist, but it is the way he is able to clearly and creatively describe situations and feelings that will make you come to know who he is as a man. He is not an artist that sounds the same from track to track as he is extremely versatile. The music videos he’s released over the past year are closing in on 100,000 youtube views (you may search KO Slay Productions to find the videos). People are calling Attention by K.O. a Modern Day “Sexual Healing.” His songs and visuals are always seductive and sexy, yet he never loses a bit of realness to the texture of his content. Ladies get to learn about themselves through the linguistic perspective of an Alpha male on this album as K.O. speaks. He’s worked hands on with award winning music industry producers to create the sounds and with no further a due we present to you The Wet Album by K.O. Slay Productions.