Jordan E. Spivack – Jump For You (Review)

Jordan E. Spivack - Jump For You

Music Review for the single ‘Jump For You’ by Jordan E. Spivack

August 2020 – Recording artist Jordan E. Spivack loves to make music that feels direct and passionate, connecting with the audience on a more personal level and bringing a unique touch to his music.

Recently, he released a new project called “Jump For You,” which stands out as a solid example of his skills as a composer and artist. The song was actually released in 2018, and it still feels fresh and catchy.

We love the diverse array of sounds that are displayed on this production, from the distorted bass synth stabs down to the catchy drums and the arpeggiated synth pattern and cool sound effects, Jordan showcases his ability to tailor the world of synthesizers to his liking and create something that’s completely remarkable and powerful with his instruments.

This production takes digital composition to a whole new level, bringing a warm edge to his sound and vision and giving the audience something truly special to connect with.

Find out more about Jordan E. Spivack, and do not miss out on “Jump For You” and other music releases from this talented artist and songwriting.