Iamfiveee – FWU (Review)

Iamfiveee - FWU (Review)

Music Review for ‘FWU’ by Iamfiveee

‘FWU’ has a laid back R&B vibe with a hypnotic drum pattern style melody. The production has a good format with transitional percussion and breaks. It is a solid production, it matches well with the songwriting. The vocal performance has a good sound, a good studio vocal. The FX main vocal delivery should change up every so often and not stay the same throughout the whole song. The songwriting is solid, nice job staying on song topic. The main chorus is very catchy, the chorus to verse change up is just perfect. Musical change ups are the most important elements to any great song and it has been executed very well by Iamfiveee.

ArtistRack believes that ‘FWU’ is a highly marketable record and will sit well with fans between the ages of 18 and 24, both male and female and we believe it to do very well in USA, Canada and London.  We can see the fans of The Weekend, Lloyd and Drake really digging this new song by Iamfiveee

Summary for ‘FWU’

The team at ArtistRack really enjoyed the overall vibe of ‘FWU’ be believe the overall sound could do with a better mix, make the music more up front and stacked around the vocal, but this feedback is just us looking at it from a technical point of view. This is no way takes away from the banger of track that Iamfiveee has bought to us.

Iamfiveee is a talented singer and songwriter with a lot of potential. We would like to see him working with more well rounded music producers that see your artistic vision.

Keep up the hard work, we look forward to seeing you back on ArtistRack.


You can listen to Iamfiveee’s ‘FWU’ here, make sure you support and purchase if you like the track as much as us: