Hopudoshi – Lover Rebel Mystic (Review)

Hopudoshi - Lover Rebel Mystic (Review)

Check out this Review of ‘Lover Rebel Mystic’ the latest album from Hopudoshi 

Columbus, Ohio based hip-hop artist Hopudoshi has a very special take on his music, and even by simply taking a glance at the beautiful artwork of his most recent release, you’ll know that he is not your average rapper. His most recent studio album, “Lover Rebel Mystic” is a rather ambitious project, featuring 18 songs…not many artists attempt to feature so many tracks on an album these days, or take so much time to really work out the kinks of a great album! In this case, indeed, this release has been in the works for nearly four years, and it went through many different songwriting stages and transitional phases, in which the project has morphed into what it is today.

In addition to the unique creative concept of this release, what really strikes as imaginative is the approach to production and sound design. This record has a vibrant, organic quality to it, which feels very natural and dynamic. The songs are all cleverly arranged, and they really let the natural character of the performer to come through. Unlike a lot of rap music coming out these days, the lyrics display substance and meaning beyond the usual cliches of the genre. The songs touch on themes such as love, life, personality, world views, and other thought-provoking concepts. This content feels very personal, but also remarkably easy to relate to!

You can listen to ‘Lover Rebel Mystic’ the latest album from Hopudoshi here