DangerContaminated a.k.a Mykal Fontenot – Hey Big Sister (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Hey Big Sister’ released by DangerContaminated a.k.a Mykal Fontenot

DangerContaminated a.k.a Mykal Fontenot is back on the scene with a new banger titled “Hey Big Sister.” This song is a heavy hitter, with some infectious rhythms, amazing vocal hooks, and more importantly, an immediately memorable formula.

What we love about “Hey Big Sister,” is that this feels like a light-hearted song, but it still has some substance, making for a really direct and one-of-a-kind vibe. DangerContaminated a.k.a Mykal Fontenot create a fantastic track, which definitely set out to impress the audience for the great guitar segments on the song, and for the overall amazing production aesthetics of this track. The song’s video is actually quite noteworthy, giving the track a cool cinematic context for viewers to really enjoy. Fans of artists such as Death Grips, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, or Kanye West are certainly going to appreciate DangerContaminated a.k.a Mykal Fontenot’s excellent work, as well as the world class production aesthetics that you will be able to enjoy on this killer song. Nothing like a well-produced song with something to say!

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and yet another prime example of an artist dealing with his personal pain through his music, “Hey Big Sister” is the product of the tidal wave of emotions that might come along with finding that your wife feels that leaving you and becoming a stripper with her mother is a more desirable life than the one she had with you. One can only imagine the kind of thoughts that would go through one’s head in such a situation. I think “hey big sister” was another songwriting success in my opinion when defining it by the ability to capture the emotions I was feeling when I wrote it.. it also makes a very loud statement regarding role models, good parenting, and more specific the lack of and how that may determine the course of a young person’s life.
DangerContaminated aka MykalFontenot …Just another of many musicians,artists, and songwriters out there wanting to be heard, 4 years ago at 36 years old i found myself a homeless heroin addict incapable of accepting the life of routine and normalcy that I felt society expected of me. Deciding that life was too short to waste another second going to a job that I hated and working for greedy people with no morals only to make a paycheck to fund a life that I hated, I packed a bag and walked away from it all. Going cold turkey, and getting clean, i re-evaluated what I felt was important in life, and decided that I would spend the rest of my life on my art.

Hitchhiking all over the country, and playing guitar from truck stop to truck stop, 3 years ago i found myself getting a weekend’s worth of work at a music festival in Washington. I quickly fell in love with that lifestyle and started chasing music festivals all over the country becoming a familiar face around the scene. I would do whatever it took to get through the gate so that I could play my music for anyone that would listen. 9000 miles into a 16,000 mile hitchhiking trip, I met a man in Texas, and we spent the night drinking and talkin about life. The next day after knowing me for all of about 12 hours, he dropped keys to his 2006 Ford van in my hand, and said “go live your dreams, promise to make as much art and play as much music for as many people as possible.”

Since that day two years ago, I’ve recorded about a 180 songs, written maybe an album and a half’s worth, made 35 music videos all on youtube, have hand-painted what will be the Guinness books largest card pyramid when the other half of my deck of 4 ft plywood playing cards is finished which I display at music festivals, and havin fallen in love with the art of cinematography and making music videos, I have aspirations of doing some short films in the very near future, and all this from this van which has been my home as well as my mobile studio for the last two years. I like to think I’m keeping my promise to that karmic angel. Proud to be a starving artist, and expecting nothing in return for my art, I work with the minimal amount of equipment, an acoustic guitar, keyboard, maracca, and tambourine, and just recently an electric guitar which was donated to my “starving artist” fund, and all of my music and videos have been recorded using free apps, which goes to show how much you can do with so little. Documenting all of my songs, videos, and travels, and having a small following, i wouldn’t trade this life for anything, and i promise to keep it going till the end. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come …