Antoine L Collins – Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole (Review)

Antoine L Collins - Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole (Review)

ArtistRack Reviews ‘Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole’ by Antoine L Collins:

Antoine encompasses the exception to the music industry possessing a genuine attitude to the craft in its entirety with an exuberant amount of tenacity in his songwriting conveying his life experiences through creative expression.

There are inspirational elements to Antoine’s music to motivate others to strive for their passions and centered desires. His latest project “Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole” possesses many faculties and unique characteristics that shape the atmosphere of this composition in a conscious fashion.

The classic style piano serves as a vintage throwback to his predecessors with an exciting spin to the spiritually persuasive songwriting rudiments. The warped tuning of the brass section holds a gritty consistency that compliments Antoine’s vocals in an unpredictable method. He cultivates a creative groove through this ballad sound that nourishes pristine orchestration of many creatively cerebral rhythm sections.

This recording executes much like a live performance piece with an ensemble of instruments to heighten the auditory sensitivity of the listening audience in a revolutionary demeanor. ‘Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole’s’ intention was to relish a fresh approach to the old standards of music and come out the other side with a complete musician channeled through Antoine’s exceptional sound.

Listen to Antoine’s full album to thrust into the musical mindfulness of a modern masterpiece and enthralling musician.


Jazz Singer Antoine L Collins launched his new album Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole on March 15, 2018. Produced by Phillip Victor Bova, the album features a stellar jazz ensemble and guest performers.

(Ottawa, March 15, 2018) – Ottawa-based jazz singer Antoine L Collins is thrilled to announce the release of his second full-length album Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole.

The Album

Conceived as a celebration of the incomparable Nat King Cole, Antoine’s new recording, Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole, is far more than a tribute album. Produced by acclaimed Producer/Arranger Phillip Victor Bova, Antoine’s new album refreshes the powerful emotions of passion, pleasure, humor and melancholy in Nat King Cole’s most beloved songs, and revisits his many deeply personal messages of struggle, hope, love and regret.  Fittingly, Antoine chose to salute the late Nat King Cole on his 99th birthday with a sold-out album release party on March 17, 2018!

Antoine recounts: “As a singer, I try to interpret classic songs using my own personality and inner compass to make them live again for new generations of listeners and musicians. For me, that is what recording Nature Boy was all about. As a musician who has faced my own personal challenges, I always turn to music to find the awe and insight from our human experiences to help me carry on. Whenever I sing, I try to offer this kind of inspiration to others. I loved these songs even as a young man, and in recording new arrangements with Phillip Victor Bova, I sought to breathe new life into them for a new generation, while still conveying the essential emotion and joy of Cole’s original works.”
Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole was released worldwide on March 15, 2018 and is available through CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.

Producer Phillip Victor Bova

Founder of the legendary Bovasound Studio in Ottawa, Phillip Victor Bova helped assemble a roster of incredible and eclectic talent to realize Antoine’s vision of Nature Boy. Says Bova: “When Antoine approached me about producing this record, my initial thought was ‘Does the world really need one more Nat King Cole tribute?’ But after meeting Antoine and hearing his interpretations, I realized it does!!! Antoine has reawakened the magic in these great classics in his very unique way. I’m so glad to have played a part in it.”
The album’s 14 tracks feature a stellar cast of Canadian jazz session players, renowned music innovators and special guests weaving through and helping to re-invent the classic songs of Nature Boy. The team includes:
John Fraser Findlay (Piano, Keyboards, Electric Guitar) 
Marianne Dumas (Keyboards)
Phillip Victor Bova (Bass, Shaker)
T Bruce Wittet (Drums)
Richard Page (Clarinet)
Petr Cancura (Sax, Clarinet)
Brian Tansley (Horns, Sax, Flute) 
Don Paterson (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Jesse Stewart (Percussions)
Socalled (Beats)
Rebecca Noelle (Guest Vocals)

About the Artist – ANTOINE L COLLINS

Antoine L Collins, lawyer turned jazz singer and entertainer, was born on the outskirts of Chicago in Gary, Indiana. Although raised in the state’s foster care system, he managed to escape the merry-go-round of foster homes that many children endure. As a young attorney, he prosecuted child abuse and domestic violence cases for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office, before returning to his artistic roots by pursuing music and theatre full-time.

Antoine is based in Ottawa, Ontario and became a Canadian citizen in 2014. His debut LP, Somewhere Along the Way, stirred the jazz world in 2015 with soulful, R&B-inspired takes on traditional standards, including “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” and “I Put A Spell On You”. With his second album Nature Boy: The Music of Nat King Cole released March 15, 2018, he is certain to building on his initial success.

In addition to jazz, Antoine has an extensive theatre résumé which includes performances in: Ragtime, A Chorus Line, RENT, Little Shop of Horrors and Hairspray.

Antoine is looking forward to upcoming 2018 live jazz and festival appearances to promote his new album.