A.G.K. – Pray (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Pray’ released by A.G.K.

What’s special about hip-hop is the fact that this genre is like a blank canvas. It is the perfect medium for artists to experiment and push their sound towards different creative direction, in order to accomplish something truly remarkable and innovative. With his brand new music release, rap artist A.G.K. managed to accomplish just that.

His new studio output is called “Pray” and it stands out as a really perfect example of his sound and creative outlook on the genre. “Pray” is particularly special because on one hand, it is a very catchy and immediate song, that is instantly likable. On the other, there is a really grittier and down-to-earth approach, giving the music a more insightful vibe, which has some shades of 90s underground hip-hop that some fans will really love.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend all rap fans to give “Pray” a listen, and generally, tune in to what A.G.K. is up to. This artist is very committed to creating quality music, and his talent and passion are really undeniable.

Check out “Pray” on Youtube, and listen to A.G.K.’s music