Sarah Wallin Huff – Legend Seekers (Review)

Sarah Wallin Huff - Legend Seekers (Review)

Check out this music review of the full album, ‘Legend Seekers’ released by Sarah Wallin Huff

Sarah Wallin Huff is back with a brand new project, “Legend Seekers.” This release features 8 compositions with a rather unique feel.

Sarah’s music has a classy, understated sound, yet it is baroque and ornate, tipping the hat off to genius composers like Debussy, but also tipping the hat off experimental ideas and cinematic scores. Opening number “Intrepid” is a very dynamic composition with a unique color, almost echoing the work of modern composers like Yann Tiersen.

Weeping Willow, featuring “Michael Jung,” is one of our favorite tracks on this release. I love the romantic, dramatic high notes of the string section, as well as the timeless sound of the sparse piano melodies, almost flirting with shades of Tango, in the vein of Astor Piazzolla. A true masterpiece, with so many nuances. The album is also home to a suite extending over 3 tracks, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep.” These songs also features ambient samples, as well as electronic elements and ornate percussions, making for a really diverse set of colors.

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The epic 2008 concerto for 6-string electric violin and orchestra debuts on a brand new album of modern-classical works by composer Sarah Wallin Huff, released on Friday, April 5, 2019. A total of six new instrumental works bring mythology and legend to life in the album, Legend Seekers. “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep,” a cinematic, 25-minute work for 6-string electric violin with orchestra and live electronic instruments, sets the stage for adventure as the album’s principal composition. Joining it are dramatic works for various chamber ensembles, such as violin duo with piano, flute with piano, unaccompanied viola, and oboe/english horn soloist with chamber orchestra.

Wallin Huff’s compositions have been performed throughout the States and abroad, including the Zipper Hall in Los Angeles and the Exeter Phoenix Auditorium in Devon, England. Her 2008 6-string electric violin concerto, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep,” holds a special place in her heart as a work that is emblematic of her sense of adventure, passion for both new and old technologies, and love for mythology. The work was debuted live in concert, with Wallin Huff herself on the solo part, by the Orange County Symphony in April 2016. After years of struggle, she is thrilled to have released this challenging work in a format for all to hear.