Ukon – My City

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Ukon – My City’

From hustling to make ends meet as a youth, to working alongside innovators like Master P, Philadelphia-based rapper Ukon has navigated his way around the industry throuhghout his career. Still yet, there’s no place like home for this Philly native.

“A lot of people think when I named the song “My City,” I was talking about being the king of Philly or something. But if you actually listen to the words, you will hear that I am talking about everyday life on the streets where I’m from. No more, no less” says the rapper in regards to his latest single.

In his song “My City,” Ukon takes a somber yet confident approach when explaining what the day-to-day is like in his beloved city. Through his storytelling, he offers listeners a raw and personal perspective on what he knows as his reality.

“I used a phrase from Donald trump talking bad about Philadelphia so I felt The need to respond.”

Ukon’s album, KNOW MY NAME is currently available on all streaming platforms!