Yo Montana – How I’m Coming

Yo Montana introducing new single How I’m Coming

Yo Montana is a trap artist based in Alabama. He recently took to the web to release a new song titled How I’m Coming. His single is a perfect closing of the year for the artist, who is back in full force delivering one of his most groundbreaking beats to date. Fans of artists such as Last Mr Bigg, Doe B, Dirty Boyz, or Deuce Komradz will definitely enjoy the sound and feel of this production. This song hits hard with a heavy beat and a massive sound, which feels modern, yet raw and energetic.

The song is excellent in terms of production and performance alike, showcasing Yo Montana and his charisma as a rapper. Yo Montana one of the artists that have a huge potential on the scene, keeping south on the rap on the map. His music is spontaneous and it does not follow trends, meaning that How I’m Coming is a song that true fans of the genre could easily relate to.

Find out more about Yo Montana and do not miss out on How I’m Coming, which is now available on Spotify and elsewhere on the web.