TRUTH ALI – The American Dream

TRUTH ALI ‘The American Dream’

As America wrestles with racial tension and civil unrest, Truth Ali looks to paint a portrait of America, all the while hoping to bridge the fractured race relations. The Producer/Emcee has been holding his own amongst top tier lyricists for a couple years now. He first burst on to the scene with two virtuoso verses on “MC Cold Killa” alongside Kxng Crooked, and legendary west coast hook master Kokane. Now he’s back to make both a lyrical, and social statement. On the new single you hear references to everything from Philando Castile, the Sphinx, the Orlando Pulse shooting, and the Flint Water Crisis. “I believe the problem we have now is perspective” said the California artist. “In America we have a ‘it don’t affect me so fuck it’ attitude it seems. But any injustice cripples all because it means we have some moral, integrity deficiencies in our society.” Look for Truth’s new album “The Wonder Years” to drop November 8th.

They cut the nose off the sphinx, so cold bruh
But we aint tryna smell the bullshit that they on bruh
I rather hand feed a gator a cobra
4 vipers and porcupine wit aids blood on his coat
In the belly of the beast
its 5 serpents and some needles
And they all aids infected
some ones stay injected
by the fiend in the dope spot
tryna spread the virus
Same needle seem to sew up the american cloth