T’Darrio ft. Joey Brickhouse – Honest Dollar


T’Darrio ft. Joey Brickhouse – Honest Dollar:

T’Darrio possesses all the elements it takes to become a Top artist/producer/engineer at the commercial level including, lyricism, delivery, stage presence and style. He is currently featured on a few underground mixtapes and has a couple solo mixtapes. T’Darrio’s latest EP #EntertainingThoughts will be available 9/22/15 thru all online retailers and all music streaming sites.

T’Darrio has recently done shows with Roc Nation’s artist J. Cole on the BET Music Matters Tour, Ques Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, The Arizona International Festival in Phoenix, AZ and was the headliner on the MotownHipHop College Tour for 2014 and has appeared as a featured artists at the A3C music Festival in Atlanta, GA on the #HipHopNHipsters stage and the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference in Charlotte, NC. His latest album Entertaining Thoughts is available for stream/purchase on all online retailers. Be on the lookout for more great things to come from this exquisite individual with artistic abilities that bridge generation gaps.