SoundMedicine – Messiah

SoundMedicine - Messiah

SoundMachine introducing brand new studio release: Messiah

June 2020 – SoundMachine is an artist and music producer based out of Vienna, Austria. He focuses on House Music, exploring various other EDM styles and even giving his songs a melodic edge inspired by the best pop out there. In particular, SoundMachine looks up to inspirational artists such as Avicii, as well as Martin Garrix and even pioneers such as Lady Gaga, only to name but a few.

His most recent release, “Messiah” is an ambitious song, which took about 4 months to be completed, and well over 60 different mixer tracks with various sounds, instruments, and effects. This is a solid piece of electronic dance music, and it has also been mixed and mastered to absolute perfection, showcasing SoundMachine’s unique proficiency and ability to set the bar higher with the quality of his tracks. If you like massive bass tones and memorable melodies, this one is for you.

Check out “Messiah” and learn more about SoundMachine, whose music is currently available on Spotify, and other music streaming services on the web.