Robert Green – My Protector

Robert Green - My Protector

Robert Green – My Protector:

Featured on the album “Which Was, and Is, and Is to come

I was born on July 24,1971in Little Rock Ark. The oldest of 3 siblings. I developed a love for music at very young age but I ain’t singing”patty cake” no more..Patty ain’t seen cakes like these in a long time..

My musical influences are many. Commissioned, The Winans,The Jacksons, Motown, Brian McKnight, Tank, are just to name a few. Its like being in a buffet line.Too many to choose from.

At 19 I wrote, produced, and sung my first very own song. Needless to say I think I’ve gotten better with time. I’m not saying I’m Quincy Jones or BabyFace but maybe a 3rd or 4th cousin.

My music has it own style and feel to it..I’m indeed a late bloomer,but as the saying goes, “Better Late Than Never.

You can purchase my music in all the Online Music Stores like Spotify,  Google Play, ITunes, Amazon, Apple Music just to name a few.You can also find me on the the music website @

There you can listen to the entire list of songs for free..I do hope you will purchase for your own on-the-go personal music library..I’LL sound good right after the Bee Gees, Tina Turner and Commissioned..

Thanks, Robert