Nichelle Colvin – Is This Yo Stop?

Nichelle Colvin - Is This Yo Stop?

Nichelle Colvin presents her new song, ‘Is This Yo Stop?’ taken off the full album: Locomotive

Disclaimer: I felt is necessary to let my fans know that THIS recording happened (pre) Pandemic & the recent Uptick of Racial Discrimination in our Country. I want you to know that I support the Black Lives Matter Movement and that I want you to be safe.
The only reason that I decided to release this project, is to give you a Mental Escape. We are in uncharted times, we are hurting, we are tried, but as always we will get through this, this too shall pass. God Bless.

Have you ever been on a train? Bored on the ride? This musical collage of of Smooth Jazz, Pop and a hint of Hip-hip Soul will delight your earbuds. Nichelle’s mix of songs is like a tasty stew. If you are hungry for something different, Locomotive is for you. This is the genius of Nichelle.