Katie Belle – Daughter (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Katie Belle is back with a brand new release: Daughter

November 2021 – Katie Belle is an artist and songwriter who recently set out to release a brand new studio work: Daughter.

There is something truly special about allowing many different ideas to inspire one’s sound, and this is most definitely happening on Daughter. This exciting new work by Katie Belle is indeed a great example of blending emotional hooks with the attitude of modern indie-pop music, going for a more dynamic and hard-to-predict approach. Katie Belle makes music that should most definitely be right up your alley if you do enjoy artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Adele, and Halsey, only to name but a few.

The sound of this production is extremely accomplished and world-class, while there is something special about everything that seamlessly falls into place in terms of great sounds and even greater ideas driving a fantastic piece of music. Daughter is a fantastic “first taste” of what the audience can expect from a talent such as Katie Belle, as it is loaded with personality and flow.

Find out more about Katie Belle, and do not miss out on Daughter. This release is currently available on the best digital music streaming services on the web.