Jessica Falk – Just Do It

Jessica Falk, artist and songwriter from Sweden. She has recorded 2 album in Nashville.

“Just Do It”, a single influenced by
pop, rock and country music, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This title is also the title track of the album.

Nashville based Scott Baggett produced the new album and also co-wrote songs with Jessica.
Baggett has worked with many artists such as; Bonnie Raitt, Alison Kraus, Buddy Guy and many
more. Baggett considers working with Jessica as a “true highlight in my music career”. Some of
the musicians playing on this record are Pat Buchanan on guitar (Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton,
Hall and Oates) and Chad Cromwell (Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, Diana Krall, Joss Stone) and
Tim Marks on bass (best known for his work on Taylor Swift’s multi-platinum albums).

This record is dedicated to Jessica’s mother who tragically passed away in the devastating
tsunami which hit Southeast Asia 10 years ago in 2004. The pain from her mother’s passing in
the tsunami as well as another close relative’s passing from cancer had shattered her world. After
five years of sadness and grieving, Jessica made up her mind and one cold, crisp, clear winter day
in 2009 she knew she had to take her life in another direction. That very same day she wrote her
first song. In her profession as a music teacher, Jessica had composed musicals for the students
in her home town of Sundsvall, Sweden, but she had never composed music for herself. Now, she
seized the opportunity to express everything she had built up and carried inside of herself over
the years. “My music has been my rehabilitation” she says.”I was living with a deep sadness and
depression but decided I must live. My newfound love of life is what inspired and created the
songs you can hear on this record”. With her music she wants to inspire people to be able to “kick
it up a notch” and be brave enough to “follow your dream”.

In September of 2010, Jessica’s dream led her to Nashville, Tennessee. There, in “Music City
USA”, she had an appointment booked with Grammy award winning musician and Country
Music Hall Of Fame member Charlie McCoy. McCoy is a living legend in Nashville and he has
worked with artists such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and many, many more.
Jessica was thinking; “I’m either crazy or I’m living more than ever…..”.
McCoy then introduced her to many other leading musicians and writers in Nashville including
Garth Brooks pianist Bobby Wood who became a close friend and mentor. Wood is also
represented on the new album as a cowriter and plays organ and electric piano.

Producer Scott Baggett says about working with Jessica; “I’ve worked with many great artists
and musicians over the years, but never have I worked with anyone who has more passion,
determination and joy for music than Jessica Falk. She was born to write, sing, play and perform.
Jessica’s vision will not be denied!” The new album was recorded at Addiction Studios in
Nashville (owned by Jonathan Cain from the group Journey) and mixed at Baggett’s personal mix
room Studio 54.

Jessica considers this album like a “necklace of life” and she hopes that she’ll be able to inspire
other people to find the power within themselves and follow their dreams.