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The Quarantined is a punk rock/grunge-hybrid band out of Los Angeles, CA. Using many genres and multiple lyrical styles, this band creates vivid imagery in their politically charged and socially conscious songs that bring poignant criticisms of global issues in society and culture. Sean Martin, on vocals and guitar, and Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs on Drums, and Alex Diaz on Bass.

Their song Point the Finger, released by Lucent Records, was nominated by Pure M Magazine for Best International Act 2015. Since then, they have released a new album, Antiquate Hate, with Engineer/Producer Charlie Waymire and Brian “Hacksaw” WIlliams of Ultimate Studios Inc. Sean penned a poignant 8-part blog about the music industry and their passage through it to create their music through adversity on all sides, called Music in the Digital Era.

All former students at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, they met through mutual friends while looking for work as musicians. They recorded a half live-track, half studio-track EP entitled, “Where did you Go?” released independently, only available on bootleg. Sean, Kaspars, and Alex solidified the lineup as a trio soonafter. Through crowd testing singles via internet promotion, while playing live around Los Angeles in bars and clubs, the band embraced their different backgrounds and created a unique sound as a group. In 2014, they stayed busy playing shows at bigger local LA venues like the House of Blues-Sunset, Loaded, and Infusion Lounge @ Universal Citywalk.

They hired director John Rael to make their first music video for “Point the Finger”, (edited by Alex), both Kaspars and Sean played at Metal Jam 2015, a local benefit concert for Autism Speaks. Their new EP was Well received by college radio, critics, and fans alike. The Quarantined has unique content that comes from a remarkable past in all three members. Sean, Kaspars, and Alex all come from varying backgrounds, and bring unique influences to the music they make from their wide array of life experiences that comes from all three striving after their goals in their own ways.

Sean served in the US Army Airborne Infantry (with the 3/509th, 4th Brigade, 25th I.D.) from 2004-2007, in Iraq in Oct. 2006- September 2007. Singing at 4 years old and playing guitar at 12, he is also a Musician’s Institute graduate with an A.A. in Guitar performance/Music industry studies. He is Executive producing The Quarantined’s albums, and is the main lyricist, songwriter, and content creator for the band. Alex, as well as being a talented bassist, guitarist, songwriter, photographer, and luthier, he is working on starting his own personally crafted guitar and bass business, making each instrument from scratch and by hand from unique woods. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, he has been known to travel the world to explore, take pictures and train Muay Thai (in Thailand), with a growing interest in travel photography and filming.

Kaspars grew up in Latvia under the Iron Curtain. Experiencing brutality from the establishments of government at a young age, he taught himself a ruthless determination to succeed in life, along with how to hit the drums really f*cking hard, and has developed a keen ear for metal. He studied languages as well, and is fluent in 6: English, Latvian, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian. He came to Los Angeles to play drums for a living, and played on a national American tour with Relicseed, a metal band originally from Latvia, thru mid- October in 2014 under Project Independent. He also plays with Pain Love n’ War, and Slavestate, a grindcore band.

Now that the band has created the bedrock of their brand with Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios Inc. – 3D art lyric videos for their songs, produced by Deviant Media Productions, and Music videos to be released on Youtube are all in production.


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