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Introducing Jugg Banks:

I grew up in college park ga at my nana house. I always was the type to stay to myself and take action when time is right. I was 14 when I move to Riverdale Ga. This was were I started DOING music. Me and a couple of my friends from high school started this group called Riverdale shawty. We dropped our fist single with major Payne. The music was going good till my focus wasn’t on music anymore it was more so just trying to servive. @ 17 I went from job to job eventually dropping outta high school. And obtained a GED. Over a course of time I met Tay Deezy and he put me on to SCM. (StreetcertifiedMusic) the music was going good again we was doing music everyday having fun and learning. 1/1/14 is when my life changed I was in a tragic accident to were I broke my back, my leg, my noise and was in a coma. 6months later I Bounced back from that and this is were I picked up the passion for music again.I Linked up with this producer called BeatBurners and dropped my 2 singles called S.N.L shownolove & Southside ft Deezy of SCMhouse and Acebooncoon. you can check these song out on our sound cloud. (SCMhouse). At This point we started to learn about quality of music. So we started to critique it. If you listen to the lyrics it’s a break down of me and how I’ve been the same since day 1 and never switched up on my day1s. Unlike a few. It’s just relatable song. Day1 is a single off my upcoming EP ByAnyMeansNecessary. So here we are today me being the same person I was when you met me.




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