Burniscous – Goddess Way (She Got it) (Review)

Burniscous - Goddess Way (She Got it) (Review)

[REVIEW] Burniscous introducing a new release: Goddess Way (She Got it)

February 2021 – Artist and songwriter Burniscous is all about creating a sound that has got so many layers to unfold. Rage, Fantasy and Purpose are some of the pillars that drive his creative vision, and the contrasting, yet balancing forces that make his music so special and endearing for people of all walks of life.

On one hand, the artist is able to make music that is intrinsically catchy and one-of-a-kind. On the other, there is something special about how the music really captures the dynamic nuances of Burniscous’ amazing performance, giving the listeners a more textured and varied experience.

All in all, this song is excellent as an introduction to the artist’s sound, and it feels like a really warm and spontaneous approach to what this performer is all about sonically. Any fan of modern pop with a bit of an indie / R&B edge is going to love Goddess Way (She Got it).

Find out more about Burniscous, and check out Goddess Way (She Got it), which is now available on Spotify, and elsewhere on the web.